1 Aureus Coin = $1.00 AUD

Pacific Rim Holdings Pty Ltd Australian ABN 64 167 063 363, is proud to launch a new all Australian Crypto Coin

Aureus Coin Contract No

Crypto Symbol: AUS

Aureus The Virtual Stable Crypto Coin based on Physical Foundations

First Target this issue $500,000 AUD
Final Target this issue $4,000,000 AUD
Aureus logo in golden color with transparent background

The differentiator for Aureus vs most other crytocurrencies
is the long-term approach and philosophy of the Company.

We call Aureus a “Foundation Stablecoin” because at its foundation is the initial backing of a portfolio of Real Estate in Australia, valued
$5 million (AUD)

In the initial phase, the goal for Aureus will be building a community that will join us on the mission of raising Aureus to new heights, with a core focus to grow a trusted portfolio of Real Assets that keeps Aureus liquidity healthy and sustainable for the long term.

The purpose of creating Aureus Coin was to minimise losses that many buyers of Crypto Coins have suffered. The Aureus Coins are 100% backed by real assets mainly Real Estate and/or Australian dollars.