Aureus Coin shape in golden color with transparent background
Aureus moto in orange color

Aureus Coin's unique difference to other Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins

Aureus coin is a Foundation Stablecoin.  Unlike most crypto currencies which have no intrinsic value,  Aureus coin is backed by real asset holdings.

Aureus holders have free control of their holdings like any other crypto coin. This allows for growths beyond the issued price, based on market demand.


Purchase Aureus Coin and relax

Holders of the Aureus coin can relax in the knowledge that there is a portfolio of real world assets controlled by the company that backs the issued value of Aureus

Our conditional Buy Back minimises the possibility of losses due to Market forces

At any time sell your Aureus Coin based on market value. If the market value falls below the issued price you can elect to use our buy back facility

More Property over Time

Over time additional Aureus coins will be released to fund more Real Asset purchases giving Aureus even more stability


Aureus Real Asset Backing $


Aureus Market Capitalisation $




Real Estate Years of Experience